Young lady collapses following three hours of unstopped marathon S*x (Video)

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A young lady collapsed after she tried running away from her boyfriend during a sexual bout between the two.

Some neighbors who saw what happened quickly rushed to the scene thinking there was an emergency only to realize that the two couples were having a sexual affair.

As the lady kept lying on the ground, the neighbors questioned the boy what the issue was.

He narrated that, his girlfriend made him buy an aphrodisiac so that he can have prolonged sex with her since he was a ‘one-minute man’.

Well, things didn’t go as planned by the lady. She could not stand her boyfriend’s skills in bed as he pounded her for 3 hours non stop, so she had to run away.

She eventually collapsed whilst trying to escape.

Gathered neighbors had to pour water on her before she revived from her nightmare.

Watch the video below:

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