Yacht swept to shore, longliner leaking fuel in Coromandel Peninsula

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A yacht has been swept to shore, while a commercial longliner is taking on water and leaking fuel on the Coromandel Peninsula.

Coromandel, bad weather, rain, storm.

(File image). Photo: anpastor/123RF

The Waikato Regional Council says the longliner in Whangamatā Harbour is still attached to its mooring but is listing.

Its 500-litre diesel fuel tank is leaking into the sea.

The coastguard was stopped from helping due to choppy seas and high wind.

It comes after MetService warned the North Island was likely to get a lashing of wind and rain, which has resulted in debris and slips on the roads and partial closures for motorists.

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MetService’s heavy rain warning is in place until 6pm, and rain continues to fall across most of the North Island.

Regional on scene commander Derek Hartley said the weather conditions meant the council could not use its marine oil spill equipment.

A yacht in Whitianga is also resting on rocks above the high tide but has no fuel on board.

Salvage experts are working to recover the yacht to assess it for damage.

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