Xiaomi is dropping the charger from its next phone despite mocking Apple for doing the same

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Xiaomi does a Samsung

Facepalm: Not for the first time, it appears that several tech giants are copying an Apple move after initially mocking it. The latest company that probably wishes it stayed silent is Xiaomi, which recently confirmed the upcoming Mi 11 handset will lack a charger in the box.

Soon after the iPhone 12 launched in October, Xiaomi became the latest company to join in the derision aimed at Apple, tweeting: “Don’t worry, we didn’t leave anything out of the box with the Mi 10T Pro.” The post included a video showing the phone’s box with a wall charger inside.

Now, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has used Chinese social media platform Weibo to reveal the follow-up Mi 11 will not have an included charger. Much like Apple, Lei says the decision has been taken for environmental reasons.

The slightly embarrassing situation isn’t unique to Xiaomi. Apple’s main phone rival Samsung threw shade at Cupertino in October with a Facebook post highlighting the Galaxy line’s bundled charger. But rumors that the Korean firm was considering dropping the accessory have long been circulating, and it seems even more likely to happen after that mocking post was deleted without explanation.

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We’ve been here before, of course. Apple’s “brave” decision to remove the headphone jack from its phones was slammed by most of the industry before virtually every manufacturer followed suit.

Apple claims that by not shipping chargers with the iPhone 12, it is cutting over 2 million metric tons of carbon—the equivalent of 450,000 cars. Anything that helps protect the environment is to be applauded, but with handset prices continuing to rise, the savings aren’t being passed on to consumers.


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