Workers digging a well in the back yard discover the world’s largest sapphire cluster.

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Workers in a man’s back yard in Sri Lanka discovered the world’s largest star sapphire cluster, according to authorities.

Local authorities in the Ratnapura area said the stone, known as the Serendipity Sapphire, was found by workers digging a well in the back yard of a man identified only by the surname Gamage.

“The person who was digging the well alerted us about some rare stones. Later, we stumbled upon this huge specimen,” Gamage told the BBC.

The cluster weighs in at about 1,124 pounds — or 2.5 million carats.

According to Gamage, a gem trader, some loose stones from the cluster were tested and confirmed to be high-quality star sapphires.

In Sinhalese, Ratnapura means “city of gems.” The city is known as Sri Lanka’s gem capital.

The cluster, according to experts, could be worth up to $100 million on the international market.



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