Winston Peters boards New Zealand First campaign bus for electioneering

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New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has boarded his party’s campaign bus, as he tours the country electioneering.

A spokesperson says the bus with the slogan “Back Your Future” written on the side will spend the next four weeks visiting towns and cities.

Peters held a public meeting in Pukekohe in Auckland this morning and will be in Hamilton this afternoon.

New Zealand First held its convention and launched its election campaign in mid-July.

Peters announced a new commitment to frontline police and an immigration reset at the campaign launch in Auckland on 19 July.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters at his 2020 election campaign launch.

Peters at the NZ First campaign launch Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

He committed to 1000 new frontline sworn officers over the next three years and a cap of 15,000 immigrants – limited to highly-skilled workers – a year, if re-elected.

Peters used his campaign launch speech at his party’s convention in Auckland to attack National, Labour and the Greens and lay out his party’s achievements.

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