Why You Should Try These 15 Daily Income Businesses idea in Nigeria!

We’ve compiled a list of 15 proven daily income businesses in Nigeria that could make you money if you give them a shot!

Are you one of the many Nigerians who are tired of waking up at 8 a.m. to rush to work only to leave at 5 p.m. with no money?

If you’re sick of being bossed around and want to be your own boss, there are several daily income ventures to consider.

This essay on starting a small business may help you understand how to start a business that you can gradually grow while earning a side income.

Your problems are over because we’ve compiled a list of 15 daily income businesses in Nigeria from which you can profit. These are just a few of the 50 trendy business ideas in Nigeria.

So keep reading to learn about 15 small-scale enterprises that will make you money on a daily basis and that you can start with very little money.

Profitable Daily Income Business In Nigeria to Make Money

Daily income businesses in Nigeria

15. Barbershop

Every male in Nigeria pays a visit to a barbershop almost every week, either to have his beard shaved or hair cut at the rate of N300 or N1000 for services rendered, depending on the location.

Not only do men go to the barbershop, women also visit the barbershop to either have their hair dye or trimmed.

Starting a barbershop is one of the best daily income business in Nigeria. More so, setting up the business is very easy, as it can be set up with as low as N300,000, and the good news also is that it has a ready market.

Depending on the capital at hand, you can set up many barbershops and have them scattered across the city and then employ competent barbers to manage or run the place for you.

You can be guaranteed returns of N10,000 to N15,000, or even more every week depending on your location.

To start up a decent and moderate salon you need to put the following into consideration;

  • Rent a shop at a location where you have a high population, it is always advisable to consider residential areas where the shop can easily be assessed by the residents.
  • It has to be well furnished to provide comfort to customers, with wall mirrors, television, sound, good ventilation, rotational chairs, and waiting for chairs.
  • Equipment such as clippers, powder, a UV light for killing germs and infections from clippers, relaxers, hair dye, towel warmers, cover clothes, gloves, etc.
  • A generator should always be handy in case of a power outage.
  • You can also buy extra products for sale, products like clippers, blades, brushes, aftershaves, etc.

14. Professional Car Wash

Another profitable business that can earn you money on a regular basis is car washing. It is simple and inexpensive to put up.

Many car owners nowadays find washing their own automobiles time-consuming and exhausting, so they opt to get it washed at a car wash to save time and energy.

There’s no way you won’t have at least five cars to wash in a day, each at a cost of N1,000, for a daily total of N5,000.

All you need to get started is a bucket, hoses, brushes, vacuum cleaners, dashboard spray, cloths, sponges, and other supplies.

13. Laundry and dry cleaning services

No doubt, a laundry service business can make you money on a daily basis. A medium-sized laundry / dry cleaning service costs between N400,000 and N1,000,000, depending on the location.

Most of the costs go towards renting an office, purchasing a generator, washing machines, and other accessories. If you really want to save costs, you can simply use your home as an office.

To set up a laundry and dry cleaning shop you need the following:

  • Washing machine.
  • Pressing Iron and Ironing board
  • Buckets and water storage tank to stop some water, so as to ensure that there is no interruption in operations in case of public water supply outages.
  • Packaging bags for packaging ironed clothes.

12. Start A POS Payments Service

Next on our list of profitable daily income business in Nigeria is POS Payment services.

At locations where there are no banks or the ATM points are very few, the POS business comes in handy, as you can carry out e-payment for people who cannot go to the bank because of the long queue or limited ATM point.

You can charge from N100 and above depending on the amount being withdrawn or transferred.  All you need is just a small shop or kiosk, a POS machine.

11. Sports Viewing Centers

The majority of Nigerian adolescents are football fans, and most matches are held on weekends, so picture how much money you could make by opening a sports watching center where fans can come see their favorite teams play.

A space, two to five large television sets, a generator, chairs, and a DSTV premium subscription are all you need.

You can charge N100 or N300 depending on where you are. Consider having a location that can accommodate up to 100 people and more for N100 per weekend or more.

10. Betting Shop

Starting a betting shop is also one of the trending daily income business in Nigeria that can fetch you reasonable income.

You can start up with as low as N400,000, knowing that many Nigerians who don’t have access to smartphones love betting, opening a betting shop will give people the opportunity to come and bet and play virtual games among other sports.

9. Makeup Studio

This is another daily income business in Nigeria. At the initial stage, you might not necessarily need a shop to begin.

You can just advertise your expertise on social media and you will be shocked at the number of calls you will receive.

You can simply enroll in a certificate program or even watch online videos on how to make people up and before you know it, you will become an expert in no time. In Nigeria, a makeup artist earns from N5,000 and above depending on the occasion and the type of makeup.

As the business expands you can now rent a shop, stock it up with the necessary equipment like ring light, wall mirror, professional make-up box, etc.

Before you know it you will be having influx of client’s that you will need to start employing people to assist you in the business.

8. Freelance Writing

This is one of the best daily income business in Nigeria anyone can venture into.

It is a less-capital-intensive business, and all that is required is great and professional writing skills to be able to write for sites.

Some freelance writers receive payment for the articles they write for as high as $50 to $2,000 depending on what you are writing on, and the site you write for. You just need a laptop or smartphone and data.

7. Okirika (OK) Clothes and Shoe Business

If you observe intently you will realize that a very limited number of people patronize Okrika sellers due to their inability to afford the expensive clothes and shoes.

You will always find a crowd of people where OK clothes and shoes are sold, so why not put this up for consideration as it is cheap to start, and you can make money daily.

6. Food Vendor (Mama put)

The restaurant business is also one of the profitable daily income business in Nigeria to make money from.

It is very easy and cheap to start up. Imagine using N5,000 to cook a pot of soup with garri included, and end up making extra N4,000 or more after-sales.

If cooking is your thing, check out the ultimate guide to starting a restaurant business in Nigeria; a proven business idea that works.

5. Plantain Chips Business

Take a tour  around the street and you will find various brands of plantain chips on sale that are selling fast.

So if you can deal with manufacturing and shipping to retailers and distributors, you will be making good money every day.

What you need:

Large pan (N3,800), small sealing machine (N17,000), nylons, labels (N2,000), other utensils (N5,000).

The remainder of N 25,000 goes towards buying plantains and logistics. Deliver to the shops and dealers and earn regular daily income.

4. Phones, Laptops and Accessories Shop

Among the fastest-selling products in Nigeria are phones. We find people selling their old phones to buy new ones, including phone accessories like chargers, earphones even laptops, etc.

Most of these electronic accessories can be purchased online through Ali express or Alibaba. And of course the more you buy from these online platforms, the lower the price and since these accessories are light in weight, shipping them down to Nigeria will not be much of a burden and the fee will not be high.

Most of these accessories can be bought for as low as N500 from these international e-commerce websites and sold at higher prices.

3. Rearing of Layers For Egg Production

To set up poultry layers farms you need to purchase day-old chicks from an authentic hatchery or you can even go for layers that have already begun laying.

Poultry farming in Nigeria has become one of the most profitable ventures, not just for farmers, but for anyone who is willing to learn the business.

2. Bakery Business

As you must have been aware, the best product to deal with is the product that is in high demand in the market and bread happens to be one of such products.

A recent survey and research show that bread is among the ten most popular foods in the world. Bread makes a good gift in Nigeria. When people travel from one place to another, one common item that is bought and requested for is bread.

With these in mind, we can safely conclude that starting a bread bakery business in Nigeria and anywhere in the world is going to be a viable business.

1. Transportation Business

The transportation business is no doubt one of the most profitable daily income business in Nigeria.

Mobility is an essential part of human life, that is why you always find people moving from one place to another every day.

In a situation where there is no public transport to convey people to their different destination, you see that life becomes unbearable for these ones who don’t have their own means of mobility.

Imagine purchasing a bus or a small Toyota Corolla or Camry to be used for Uber business or town drop, you can imagine how much you stand to make daily.

An Uber driver or bus driver makes nothing less than N20,000 to N50,000 daily, so the transportation business is another business to venture into.

Summary of Daily Income Business In Nigeria

It is usually one thing to have the capital to start up a business, and another thing to know which line of business to venture into.

So with these daily income businesses in Nigeria to make money, listed above, I am sure it will help you ponder deeply over which business will be good for you and the location you are. Good luck in starting up your business!

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