Watch Two dogs rescued from septic tank in Florida

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An animal services officer in Florida came to the rescue of two dogs that escaped from their owner’s yard and ended up swimming in a neighbor’s septic tank.

Miami-Dade Animal Services Officer Yureisy Hernandez said she responded to a resident’s home where two dogs had found their way into a septic tank and were almost completely submerged in sewage with no way to climb out.

“I’m not used to dealing with septic tanks,” Hernandez told WFOR-TV.

Hernandez said she used a ladder to lift the dogs out of the tank.

“Luckily I was able to find the ladder that was there and use that to lever them out because if not I would have jumped in there to try to get them out,” she said.

The canines, named Brenda and Bianca, turned out to have escaped from neighbor Vanessa Cruz’s home. The dogs were not microchipped or wearing collars, but Cruz’s brother saw photos of the pets posted on Miami-Dade Animal Services’ website.

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“Once I saw them and they saw me, they were like, ‘Mom!’ They were so happy to see me,” Cruz said.


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