VIDEO: Parody of Ngige-Faleke ‘Mushin Boy’ diss goes viral

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A skit of the drama between Chris Ngige, minister of labour and employment, and James Faleke before a house of representatives ad hoc committee, has surfaced online and gone viral.

Faleke, who is representing Ikeja federal constituency, is a member of the ad hoc committee investigating the suspension of the management of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF).


But on July 22, Ngige, before answering questions, had stated that members of the committee were his younger brothers, except Faleke whom he described as a small boy from Mushin, a suburb in Lagos.

Ngige to honourable faleke: you’re a small boy, if you yab me I yab you back. I am a Lagos boy o. you grew in mushin I grew in VI. tah!!!!

— Terry Ikumi (@terryikumi) July 22, 2020

“So you are near my age, at least I am seven years older than you. I’m the same age as your mentor in Lagos, Asiwaju. And I was governor with him at the same time,” the minister had fired at Faleke.

This was after the lawmaker had interrupted the minister, saying he was well over 60.

The ad hoc committee member further charged Ngige to respond to the questions asked of him, prompting the minister to say: “I’m responding, my friend. If you yab (diss) me, I yab you ten times.

“I am a Lagos boy, you are just a small boy in Lagos. Look at this Mushin boy, he’s talking with a VI boy. I lived in Victoria Island. Look at this Mushin boy from Kogi o.”

Look what this street did with the house of reps diss between Ngige and Falake.

— Stephen Kenechukwu (@Kayceewrights) August 1, 2020

But on Saturday, another clip, which was edited from that which was taken during the house of reps session, surfaced online, infusing beats and dance moves by kids such as to make fun of the minister’s rant.


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