Update on Covid-19: Two marginally favourable findings in Wellington wastewater

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According to the Ministry of Health, two poor positive Covid-19 findings found in Wellington’s wastewater are most likely the product of recently recovered cases already shedding the virus.


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In a statement released this afternoon, the Ministry of Health said there was one new case in managed isolation since its last update on Friday.

It said regular wastewater testing was being carried out in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Rotorua, Hamilton and Queenstown and on Friday ESR (Institute of Environmental Science and Research) reported a weak positive test result from a sample taken in Wellington.

A follow-up sample taken yesterday also returned a weak positive result.

“Based on our experience, it is most likely that the two weak positive results are due to recently recovered cases continuing to shed the virus,” the ministry said.

“In recent weeks three recovered cases who live in the Wellington region have left the Auckland quarantine facility. A further historical case left a Wellington managed isolation facility the same day the second sample was taken.

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“Additionally, it is possible that one or more recently recovered cases from elsewhere could have flown into Wellington.”

To help rule out undetected Covid-19 infections, the ministry advised anyone experiencing symptoms, especially in the Wellington area, to get checked as soon as possible. This advice also extends to tourists who have recently arrived in the Wellington district.

There are research facilities in Wellington’s central business district, Porirua, and the Hutt Valley.

The ministry stated that additional drainage tests were being checked in Wellington.

The single new imported case for today was an individual who came from the United States on May 10th.

In the most recent ministry update, there were no new cases of controlled isolation reported, and only one historical case was reported.

There are currently 19 active coronavirus cases in New Zealand, with a total of 2290 confirmed cases.



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