Up-and-coming Israeli singer, Sheer, releases first single

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Sheer Haimov, a native of Savyon, is only 20, but has been training, preparing and waiting for her artistic breakthrough since she started taking voice lessons as a child. She is currently based in LA, and her single, “Can’t Wait” came out on Friday.

Her next single is expected to be released sometime in April, and will be quickly followed, throughout 2022, by other singles.

“I never expected for it to be this — I always dreamed about singing, but this is crazy,” she said. “You have to be lucky, and I think I was, but I also know my worth, and I’m not ashamed to say it: I think I’m good.”

The word sheer in Hebrew notably translates to “song.”

Haimov has worked with legendary LA producer of Lebanese origin Emile Ghantous on the single. He has previously worked with Pitbull and Boyz II Men.

“He’s Lebanese, I’m Israeli,” she said, “I said: ‘We have to do something Middle-Eastern, something spicy, even though it’ll be pop.'” He was into the idea.

“Nobody is really doing Middle-Eastern music in the States now, so we started working on it.”

She co-writes her music with other writers and her producer, “which is way more fun, since English is not my first language, so sometimes a co-writer will bring a crazy idea and we’ll run with it,” she said.

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During a trip to New York while still in her IDF military service, Sheer met with the Ingrooves Music Group, under Universal, signing a three-year contract, solidifying her music career.

“New York is my dream place to live,” Sheer said, though she is currently in LA to advance her music career. “It’s a different vibe.”

Haimov has a history of Israeli advocacy, beginning in high school, and continuing to her time serving in the IDF, where she was part of the military band that performed at official state ceremonies.

Sheer has had the opportunity to represent Israel abroad, as only 17, by joining the “Friendship Caravan,” an initiative of the Tzofim youth movement.

This led her on musical tour, as it were, across the US, performing for Jewish American audiences, as well as Evangelical groups.

She recalled performing in a massive church. “We were worried if they would like it.

“By the end of the show, the audience was crying, shaking our hands, telling us that their hearts are in Israel while their bodies are in the US.”

Haimov currently has 11.7 thousand followers on Instagram.

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Sheer, an up-and-coming 20-year-old Israeli singer breaking through the LA music scene. (Credit: Courtesy)

Sheer, an up-and-coming 20-year-old Israeli singer breaking through the LA music scene. (Credit: Courtesy)

This served as a form of advocacy for Israel, the goal being to encourage youth to make aliyah and draft to the IDF.

During her service she flew to the US to perform at the Friends of the IDF gala, joining a lineup of famous Israeli singers, including Idan Raichel and Noa Kirel. The night concluded with NIS 130 million dedicated to soldiers.

A week after her service ended, Sheer flew to the US to sign with two music producers.

As a child, her parents were unsure of her ability to sing in English, as she is a native Israeli. “They were being reasonable,” she said.

But she overcame that, and now has a perfect English accent, ready to take the music world by storm. “Not every 20-year-old gets to do this. I’m honored to do it, I’m living the dream, doing the thing I love most in the world. You have to fight for your dreams.”


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