Unruly passenger incidents are on the rise, according to the FAA.

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According to the Federal Aviation Administration, nearly 100 more incidences of rowdy passenger behaviour were documented on US airlines just last week.

The latest batch of incidents brought the year-to-date total of unruly passenger reports to 3,509, the agency announced in figures updated Tuesday — 89 more than in the previous week.

The vast majority of the reported incidents, 2,605, are classified by the FAA as related to the nationwide mask mandate that remains in place for flights and public transit.

Federal officials have launched 581 investigations into passenger behavior so far in 2021 and have initiated 87 enforcement cases.

The FAA launched only 183 investigations in 2020 and 146 the year before, The Hill reported.

The fresh figures were disclosed as new cellphone video emerged earlier this week showing a violent altercation between two men as passengers boarded a Frontier Airlines trip from Philadelphia to Miami.

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During the recovery from the COVID-19 epidemic, aviation passenger demand has increased, according to Transportation Security Administration authorities, which has resulted in more violent occurrences.

Since March 2020, TSA acting Administrator Darby LaJoye told the House Subcommittee on Transportation & Maritime Security that 85 physical assaults against TSA agents have occurred.



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