‘Turd taxis’ back on Wellington streets after brief reprieve

Wellington’s ‘turd taxis’ are back in action less than a week after they were stood down.

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‘Turd taxis’ line up to truck away waste near the site of a burst sewer in Victoria St, Wellington. Photo: Hamish Cardwell/ RNZ

A pipe failure under Victoria St yesterday evening spilled human waste onto the footpath and a small amount went into Wellington Harbour.

The trucks were used for five months to move waste from Moa Point to the southern landfill after another sewer main failure. They were finally taken off the road on Monday after the pipe was fixed.

They are now back – trucking waste from the Victoria St site so repairs can be done.

One lane is closed and Wellington Water said people should avoid the area if possible.

Wellington Water said it expected the work to fix the pipe and reseal the road would be completed over the weekend.

Yesterday’s sewage spill is the latest in a string of major water infrastructure failures in the city in the past six months, with repairs costing tens of millions.

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