Trump: I’m getting more and more angry at China when seeing COVID-19

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The US President addressed the pandemic as the “Chinese Flue” and even “Kung-Flue” at times.

US President Donald Trump. (photo credit: REUTERS)

US President Donald Trump.

(photo credit: REUTERS)

US President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday evening that as he watches “the Pandemic spread its ugly face all across the world” he gets “more and more angry at China.”

The coronavirus first erupted on a massive scale in the People’s Republic of China, after which it spread to the entire planet. From New Zealand to Brazil the virus quickly spread, causing death on a massive scale, as well as causing a drastic shift in how people live and engage with one another, and taking a massive toll on the economy.
In Israel, a second wave is feared and the nation is facing great uncertainty as unemployment mounts and some lines of work, such as tourism, have collapsed overnight.
Trump repeatedly blamed China from not doing enough to, according to him, share the news about the virus in real time with the world to allow other nations to prepare for it. Due to the dramatic nature of COVID-19, several odd ideas had become widespread in the public mind. Starting with the virus being the result of the Chinese consuming exotic foods such as bats and ending with conspiracy theories that claim the virus is being used by unnamed powerful interest groups to re-shape humanity.
The US reported 126,739 deaths from the virus on Tuesday evening according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Like Brazil and Italy, the US suffers greatly from the pandemic.

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