Thrustmaster and Boeing have teamed up to develop a $500 flight yoke and quadrant.

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Thrustmaster and Boeing collaborate on $500 flight yoke and quadrant

In your own home, you can have authentic Boeing Dreamliner flight controls.

Thrustmaster and Boeing recently announced a collaboration on two peripherals—a flying yoke and a quadrant—in an attempt to build the most realistic flight control system ever for flight simulator and gaming lovers. They don’t appear to be making any concessions on build quality or functionality in order to come as close to a real Boeing cockpit as possible.

Thrustmaster announced on November 9 the pre-order details and availability dates of the TCA Yoke Boeing Edition and TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition, which they plan to sell individually and bundled. The idea is to recreate the controls of a 787 as closely as possible in the comfort of someone’s home. The peripherals will be compatible with both Xbox consoles and PC.

The yoke—the steering wheel for a plane—is a full-scale replica from a 787 Dreamliner with 100 percent metal internals. Its pendular system replicates the swing of a genuine floor-mounted Boeing control column on a desk or table. It features 18 action buttons, including official Xbox buttons, and a mini-stick controller for mapping options. It also includes a stand for a mobile device, among other features.

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The throttle controls, which are located in the quadrant, are designed to resemble those found in a real Boeing. For significant per-game customisation, it features 17 action buttons of its own, three axes, and four swappable levers. Thrustmaster, on the other hand, created both peripherals to emulate airliners and private planes rather than fighter planes. Users can also use Thrustmaster’s separate pendular rudder and rudder pedals with both devices.

The TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition containing the yoke and quadrant is available for pre-order for $500, and the quadrant alone is $150. Both ship on December 23. Pre-orders for the yoke start February 10 and ships March 10. It goes for $400 by itself, so the bundled option saves you $50 and gets you the controller earlier.

It’s worth noting that while Thrustmaster said that as of November 9, pre-orders are available worldwide, its website only has the buy option available for European regions. Fortunately, US customers can pre-order the bundle and the quadrant from Newegg right now.


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