This year, Ford will launch self-driving vehicles on the Lyft network in the United States.

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According to the firms, Ford and Lyft are teaming to deliver self-driving vehicles for riders in the United States, with the first one set to launch in South Florida later this year.

The autonomous fleet is being produced by Ford for Lyft and the vehicles use Argo AI. The companies said the first vehicles will begin carrying passengers in Miami in the coming months.

The project, described by Ford as a “industry-first cooperation,” would result in at least 1,000 autonomous cars on the Lyft network in multiple U.S. cities over the next five years.

Riders will be able to book self-driving Ford vehicles using the Lyft app, and Argo AI will use Lyft data to further develop the system. The vehicles will have a safety driver who will monitor the ride, according to the company.

Lyft and Uber have decided against their own in-house systems, looking toward outside companies for self-driving technology instead.

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“This collaboration marks the first time all the pieces of the autonomous vehicle puzzle have come together this way,” Lyft co-founder and CEO Logan Green said in a statement.

“These three companies share a belief that autonomous vehicles will be a key enabler for a cleaner, safer and more efficient urban mobility landscape,” added Scott Griffith, CEO of Ford Autonomous Vehicles & Mobility Businesses.

The companies said the next market to see the self-driving vehicles will be Austin, Texas, in 2022. Ford and Argo AI have already been testing the vehicles across several U.S. markets.

As part of the deal, Lyft will receive 2.5% common equity of Argo AI.


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