‘There is a lot of forgiveness’ for the driver who hit a couple in Taupo.

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The family of an elderly couple killed in a car accident in central Taup harbours no ill feelings towards the driver.


Arno and Abigail Vizenti.

Arno and Abigail Vizenti. Photo: Supplied by family via Rebecca Black

Abigail and Arno Vizenti were walking along Lake Terrace on Thursday when they were fatally injured.

Their granddaughter, Rebecca Black, told RNZ her family was not bitter or angry at the driver and planned to send her a card and flowers.

“It was just a senseless, senseless accident and that’s all it was. We have a lot of forgiveness for her and we just wish her a good recovery.”

A public memorial will be held at the crash site tonight at 7pm, with masks and social distancing,

It will be on the residential side of Lake Terrace and all are welcome to bring a candle.

Black said her grandparents “were together all the time”.

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“They lived for each other, and in this horrible tragic accident, it’s so nice and it’s a blessing that they went together and that they’ll always be together.”

Her family has received hundreds of messages of support in the days since Abigail and Arno Vizenti’s deaths.

Strangers have passed on memories of the pair.

“The ladies from the op-shop where my nana was a volunteer just talk about how they’d just always go out of their way to make sure other people were looked after.

“Another op-shop they said they’d come in and Arno would play the piano – because he loved playing music for people. He’d go in there, and she would take some baking in.”

“It just blew me away,” Black said.

Police are investigating the crash.


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