‘The Walking Dead’ season 10 finale will air in October and will get an additional 6 episodes early next year

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AMC‘The Walking Dead’ is returning to TV in October.

Mark your calendars #TWDFamily. “The Walking Dead” season 10 finale is airing October 4, 2020, at 9 p.m. ET.

AMC made the announcement Friday afternoon during its virtual panel for San Diego Comic-Con at home.

In addition, showrunner Angela Kang announced “The Walking Dead” season 10 will receive an “extra” six episodes which will air in early 2021. These will be new, extra, live-action episodes that have no impact on the next season of the show.

Kang confirmed season 11 of the zombie drama will not air in October due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The network also shared an extended look at the opening minutes of season 10. AMC first released the opening minutes for the finale in April when the episode was originally supposed to air.

The extended opening shows Beta hearing the dead speaking to him as he leads them closer to Daryl, Carol, and the survivors. For the first time, we see the massive size of his army of the undead.

Walking dead season 10 finale twd 1016AMCThe new look at ‘TWD’ finale teases thousands of the undead threatening Daryl, Carol, R.J., Gabriel, and the rest of the survivors.

That’s not hundreds of walkers. It appears to be thousands of the undead encroaching on our heroes from all sides.

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Showrunner Angela Kang previously teased what fans can expect to see on the finale on an episode of “Friday Night in With the Morgans.”

“Now that Alpha’s gone and Beta is having to step up into that leadership role with his kind of half Alpha/Beta face,” said Kang. “We’re going to see our people take their stand against Beta and the Whisperers.”

Earlier Friday, AMC premiered an extended season six trailer for “Fear the Walking Dead” and an extended trailer for “TWD” spinoff, “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.”

Here’s the schedule for the three “Walking Dead” series.

“The Walking Dead” season 10 finale: October 4, 2020, 9 p.m. ET “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” series premiere: October 4, 2020, 10 p.m. ET “Fear the Walking Dead” season 6 premiere: October 11, 2020, 9 p.m. ET

A special episode of “Talking Dead” will air after “TWDWB” discussing the season 10 finale and series premiere.

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