The United States has lifted sanctions against two Iranian companies.

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On Friday, the Biden administration announced the lifting of sanctions against two Iranian companies.

Mammut Industries and its subsidiary, Mammut Diesel, were removed from the Treasury Department’s list of Specially Designated Nationals.

The Trump administration sanctioned the companies, as well as several shareholders and senior executives, in September 2020, accusing them of supplying goods to Iran’s nuclear missile programme. The designations came as part of the United States’ efforts to punish Tehran for its nuclear activities and malign influence in the region.

A Treasury spokesperson told UPI the decision to remove the two companies from the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s SDN list wasn’t related to negotiations between the United States and Iran regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the so-called Iran nuclear deal.

“These delistings do not reflect any change in U.S. government sanctions policy towards Iran,” the representative said in a statement. “They have nothing to do with JCPOA negotiation efforts. The United States will continue to counter Iran’s destabilizing activities, including through implementation of our sanctions.”

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Eric Ferrari, an attorney with Ferrari & Associates, P.C., said Friday’s announcement was the result of an unspecified legal action.

“Happy for the delisting of our clients today, and proud of all our folks who worked on this and saw it through,” he tweeted. “Don’t listen to the hype from any purported ‘experts.’ This is not a political action, it’s one that followed established legal processes and norms.”


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