The next iPad Pro might include additional glass, wireless charging, and MagSafe charging.

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In addition to a new entry-level iPad and iPad mini,

Since last year, the iPad and tablets in general have witnessed a rebirth as convenient gadgets for many individuals to work and study from home. This expansion is expected to continue throughout the first quarter of 2021. Apple’s iPad sales increased by over 80% year over year. The business is now looking into methods to refresh the appearance of some models and integrate the design and functions with those of the most recent iPhones.

Apple made a big impact earlier this year with the release of a new iPad Pro, which features a Mini LED display and is powered by the same M1 microprocessor found in new Macs. The most recent iPad Air update also looks extremely similar to the iPad Pro and has many of the features that distinguish the latter as a “Pro” model.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is attempting to differentiate the iPad Pro with a more premium design that will also allow wireless charging. To that goal, the business will replace the metal casing used on all tablets with a glass back. This will also align the overall design and features with those of the iPhone, which has sported a glass back and wireless charging since the iPhone X and iPhone 8 in 2017.

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Apple reintroduced MagSafe with the iPhone 12 to represent the company’s vision of how wireless charging should function. That technology isn’t flawless, but Apple is said to be working on improvements that might be available as soon as next year.

According to Bloomberg, the firm is also trying reverse wireless charging for accessories such as AirPods, although this is still in the early phases of research and may or may not make it onto the next iPad Pro. If it does appear, it may be accompanied by a MagSafe battery pack and a wireless charging pad that is less ambitious than the aborted AirPower, which had severe technical challenges during development.


The iPad mini might also get its first makeover in six years, bringing it more in line with the rest of the contemporary iPads. The most likely modifications would be a bigger display with smaller bezels and no home button.

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Apple is also working on a thinner entry-level iPad, but that device will have the home button and big bezels, whereas the mini might see Touch ID relocated to the power button, as it does on the iPad Air.

The last rumor is that of Apple experimenting with its own take of long-range wireless charging. However, that’s likely in the early stages of testing and may never see the light in current form as it’s both impractical and potentially hazardous. However, the company has been exploring ways to add Qi wireless charging capabilities to the MacBook cover and palm rest areas, which may have a slightly better have chance of becoming a reality.


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