The new MX Keys Mini from Logitech is a wireless, space-saving keyboard that costs $100.

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The numpad is gone, but not the price.

For creators looking to save space, Logitech has released a compact version of its popular MX Keys wireless keyboard. It won’t save them money, though, because the Keys Mini costs the same as its bigger brother, $100.

The MX Keys Mini wireless is a minimalist keyboard that is best suited to creators and users who are willing to pay a premium for a small, wireless keyboard or are already invested in Logitech’s ecosystem.

The Mini version, like the larger MX Keys, supports connectivity and switching with up to three devices at once, as well as Logitech’s Flow software for working seamlessly between macOS and Windows. Although it connects via Bluetooth and Logitech’s recently released Bolt USB receiver, the latter is an additional $15 purchase, which is disappointing given the MX Keys Mini’s $100 asking price.

The keyboard’s dished keycaps use scissor-based switches and have labels for both macOS and Windows commands, though a gray/white Mac-only version is available. It also works with other popular platforms such as Linux, Android, iOS/iPadOS, and Chrome OS.

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The portable MX Keys have a nearly identical design to the standard MX Keys, but lack a numpad and instead include emoji, mute, and voice dictation on the top row function keys. The MX Keys Mini recharges via USB-C and has the same 10-day battery life as the larger version, which can be extended to 5 months by turning off the (white-only) backlight illumination.

Other neat touches include ambient and hand proximity sensors, as well as battery and caps lock indicators. It’s just a bit annoying that the smaller version doesn’t come with a smaller price tag. The MX Keys Mini is now available to buy from Logitech’s official website.


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