The latest ‘Fortnite’ teaser film teases a possible Superman appearance.

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The newest teaser trailer for Fortnite’s forthcoming season may be hinting to a DC main hero, Superman.

The current season of the Battle Royale shooter has already ended. Inevitably, people’s expectations of what to expect when the new season begins to rise. While recent information about the game’s future season suggests a “alien invasion” theme, there’s more to it. With another another teaser looming on the internet depicting a pair of glasses, theorists point to a well-known DC superhero sporting famous eyewear.

List of Candidates

There aren’t many superheroes in the comics fandom that are known to wear the very unique adornment. Looking into it, it’s clear that Marvel prefers to represent certain of its characters with spectacles over DC. That is, popular characters such as Cyclops, Beast, Oracle, Daredevil, She-Hulk, Hawkeye, and others made the list. Although Epic’s relationship with Marvel isn’t legally done, a sequel might be in the works.

Finding a character who wears glasses is easier to find within DC comics, however. With Superman perhaps being its most prominent figure to fit the profile, many alludes to this originally alien superhero.

Catalog Entry #407-740

When placed onto the face this strange plastic device seemed to make us appear as unrecognizable.

More testing required.

Full data upload – 6.8.2021

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) June 6, 2021

Ambiguous Reference

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Meeting the criteria of being popular about glasses and coming from a planet outside of Earth may well be two very telling factors. But a quick look into the item’s description in the tweet only makes the description a little murky. In it, it says “when placed onto the face this strange plastic device seemed to make us appear as unrecognizable”. And finally adding, “More testing required”.

As far as the pointer is concerned, the description does not necessarily link to any one superhero. If anything, it relates the story of an experimental piece of technology that allows its owner to see people in a new light. If Clark Kent perceives people as indistinguishable while wearing glasses, this might be a hint that he is the Man of Steel. However, such a viewpoint was never addressed in any of the Superman comics. Kent’s spectacles, on the other hand, serve as a disguise more than a tool for his vision.

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Beings from the Beyond

However, with an overall theme revolving on extraterrestrial entities, it calls into question Superman’s status as an alien. Kent is technically an alien, especially for someone born on the planet Krypton, having just a passing resemblance to humanity.

Although it is far from certain, seeing Kal-El or Superman appear in Fortnite would be an intriguing fan service.



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