The IOC president will send medical personnel to the Olympics in Tokyo.

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The International Olympic Committee announced that medical personnel for the Tokyo Olympics have been authorised in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Kyodo News, IOC President Thomas Back said Wednesday during a virtual meeting with the president of Japan’s Olympic organising committee that he is ready to send doctors and other frontline health staff as a precaution.

“The most essential theory is unmistakable. The Olympic Village is a secure location, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be held in a secure environment “Bach said.

“We must concentrate on delivery of these safe and secure Olympic Games because the opening ceremony is only 65 days away.”

Bach’s remarks come as the Japanese government and Olympic officials conclude that the Summer Games must begin on July 23 as planned.

According to local and Olympic officials, new legislation could discourage COVID-19 from having a negative effect on the Games.

“In order to have the Games succeed, we must solve different problems and speed up our preparations,” said Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike, according to Kyodo.

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In early May the IOC said U.S. firm Pfizer is to supply vaccines for Olympic and Paralympic participants. Japanese athletes are to receive inoculations in early June.

Japan is currently under a COVID-19 state of emergency. A slow vaccine rollout and a rising caseload have made the Olympics unpopular in the country. Less than 4% of the population has been fully vaccinated, according to government data.

Japanese celebrities, including actor and director Takeshi Kitano has criticized the decision to not cancel the Games, according to Daily Beast on Tuesday.

“Tokyo has requested 500 doctors be on site for the Games. There won’t be enough in the city for ordinary patients,” Kitano said, according to the report.

“I feel sorry for the athletes and understand they’ve been working hard, but the Tokyo Olympics are supposedly about friendship and equality. The lives of everyone else matter too.”


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