The Elevator Pitch: Jacinda Ardern reveals who she’d poach from NZ First

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The politicians on our screens are renowned for long winded, waffly answers. In this series we cut out the jargon and let the politicians loose, but only for the floors of Bowen House. The leaders are limited to the length of an elevator ride to pitch their party.

In this episode Jacinda Ardern pitches to Charlotte Cook why Labour should return to government.

While riding to level nine of the Beehive, Ardern said in these uncertain times, we need a “strong and stable government”.

She stuck to the script as the Covid recovery party.

“We need a plan to protect our health create jobs and build a strong economy.”

Ardern said the party always had, and would continue to put people first.

Her bottom line policy was not opening the border.

“Right now, I am just not going to re-open to the border until is safe to do so. ”

Ardern reveals herself as a Marvel fan, with a cartoon crush who was most recently been played by Ryan Reynolds.

And given the chance, she’d poach an MP from NZ First.

“I really rate and respect her… She’s probably the one I’d just pilfer.”

In previous episodes, National Party leader Judith Collins has tried to pinch a member from another party, Winston Peters and James Shaw found themselves in a different kind of competition and David Seymour crushes on a cartoon dog-.

The Elevator Pitch is a five-part series where leaders of the main parties pitch why someone should vote for them in the time it takes to ride the elevator.

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