The Apex Legends summer sale is set to bring new content next week. The season 5 quest has just ended and another event is already lined up.

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Apex Legends is on a roll these past few days. It recently teased the upcoming season via “The Broken Ghost” quest ending. Now, Respawn is bringing new stuff to its players during the Apex Legends summer sale.

Shrugtal released the summer sale details on his Twitter account. He is a well-known data miner in the Apex Legends community.According to the data, the Apex Legends summer sale will be named “Summer of Plunder.” It will continue what the “Lost Treasures” event started. The sale will launch on July 21 and will end on July 28.

Apex Legends summer sale to bring new bundles

There will be a lot of bundles coming in next week. Each bundle contains loot packs and different tiers of skins.

Respawn is bringing in three kinds of loot packs.

The first one is called the “Holy Grail bundle.” It contains seven Apex Legends loot packs, one legendary loot pack, and it includes the exclusive Caustic Grail weapon charm.

The second one on the list is the “Lucky Cat bundle.” This pack contains 25 loot packs with the exclusive Lucky Cat weapon charm.

Lastly, there is the “Treasure Trove bundle.” It contains seventy loot packs. However, there is no exclusive weapon charm included.

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />Apex Legends summer sale will bring back Wraith skins

Besides the three packs, players may enjoy the Loba-themed bundle. This bundle will have exclusive Loba skin.

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Meanwhile, Wraith mains should rejoice. Apex Legends is bringing back the famous Voidwalker skin from the previous event. Now is the chance to grab the skin once again.

The event exclusive Wraith skin has been out for almost a year now. There will be no skin recolor this time though unlike other legendary skins.

More exclusive skin bundles

Apex Legends will have more than three bundles throughout the event. The first three mentioned earlier will be joined by three more exclusive skin bundles.

Coming in first is the exclusive Loba bundle. The “Dressed to Kill” bundle contains an exclusive Loba skin alongside the legendary P2020 skin. This pistol skin is the same as the one used by Loba in the season 5 trailer.

The second exclusive bundle is the “Voidwalker bundle.” This set has been around during the Voidwalker event back then. However, Respawn is bringing it back due to popular demand.

This set contains the Wraith Voidwalker skin. But, it yet to be revealed if it will include a weapon skin.

The last one is the “Phase Shift bundle.” This bundle is for the Wraith players once again. It will have the banner frames and rare skins from the previous event.

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” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />Apex Legends Campfire LTM is coming

New limited-time mode is coming

The summer sale is bringing a new game mode as well. It will be called “Campfire LTM.”

According to Shrugta, there will be campfires scattered all throughout the map. This restores the health and shields of players. It is expected to work similarly to Fornite’s Cozy Campfires.

“There were likely be far less healing items on the floor, similar to how it was in Armed and Dangerous. You will be forced to use these campfires to heal and replenish shields,” he added.

The map will be played on the “King’s Canyon After Dark” map. The campfires are easily spotted as a glowing area on the map. It is still unsure if the campfire gets depleted after use.

The Campfire LTM is arriving soon. But there is no confirmation if it will drop on the same day as Apex Legends summer sale.

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