Tacha remains my ride or die- Khafi declares

The drama from the last season of Big Brother Naija appears to be protracted as Khafi comes to Tacha’s rescue after Venita Akpofure and Mercy Eke made subliminal comments about her.

The drama started on Friday May 22, 2020, when Tacha took to her Instagram to talk about certain people who wouldn’t stop calling her supposed firend a gossip.

A few hours later, Mercy Eke and Venita Akpofure took to their Instagram live where they mockingly threw shades at Tacha.

It didn’t take long before they all began to trend on Twitter.

In her rapid reaction on Saturday May 22, 2020, Khafi took to her YouTube channel where she threw her weight and support behind her friend, Tacha, who she addressed as her ‘ride or die.’

“This is the video I was not going to do, I was not going to address anything, I was going to leave everything as it was. I had even spoken to my girl and said don’t say anything but obviously, it’s gone all a bit over the top,” she said.

“I just want to encourage you that in your life there will be opposition, there will be certain people in your life who shouldn’t be in your life. And also there are those people you need to hold on to. I want to shout out to my girl, Tacha, yes I want to shout her out.”

“She is my girl, she’s never gonna stop being my girl, I have been speaking to her all this evening. I’m just really grateful for people like her in my life and I just want to say shout out to her and thank you to her. Thank you for for being my ride or die.”

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