Store employee’s lost diamond ring found in customer’s bag

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A California store employee who lost her diamond ring at work had the precious heirloom returned to her when a customer arrived home and found it in their bag.

Geena Ford, an employee at Home Goods in Elk Grove, said she was at work recently when she realized her diamond ring, which had been given to her by her great-grandmother, was no longer on her finger.

“My whole team looked all over the front, all over the store. We looked on the camera,” Ford told KOVR-TV. “I thought it was gone.”

Ford’s mother posted about the lost ring on an Elk Grove community Facebook page, but several days went by with no leads on the heirloom’s location.

Joyce Chock, a customer who had been helped by Ford at the store, said she dumped out her shopping bags several days later to wrap some Christmas gifts and made a surprising discovery.

“I was dumping out gifts and out came a ring and I was like, ‘This is not mine,'” Chock said.

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Chock remembered seeing Ford’s mother’s post on the Facebook page and reached out to reunite the ring with the family.

“Oh, the mom was very thankful. She said it was a Christmas miracle. I’m just glad that they got it back,” Chock said.

Ford said she was grateful to have the ring returned to her finger Monday.

“It just made me realize that there’s still good people out there because I didn’t have that much faith in someone coming up or doing the right thing,” Ford said. “But, there are still people doing that.”


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