Spotify introduces Blend playlists, which mix the listening preferences of two users.

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It also displays a compatibility score, which indicates how similar their preferences are.

Spotify has had a collaborative playlist feature for a long time, allowing two (or more) users to add their favourite music to a shared collection. However, the process is manual and takes some time to complete. The music streaming app now offers a function that allows you to rapidly construct these types of playlists.

On Tuesday, Spotify announced a new feature called Blend. It has been in beta testing since June, but is now rolling out globally to all free and premium users. Blend’s primary function is to create a collaborative playlist between two friends instantly. It analyzes each person’s musical tastes based on the music they stream the most. It then makes a list combining the two preferences.

Sometimes you will share many musical tastes with a friend, and other times not so much. For this reason, developers added another feature to Blend before it exited beta. With the newly created playlist open, users can tap a button at the top of the list to view their compatibility score and “the song that brings” them together (below).

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The compatibility score is expressed as a percentage of how much the tastes of the partnered users overlap. For example, when I made a list with a colleague who I knew shared similar musical tastes, we scored 90% compatibility. When I mixed with my wife, though, our score was only 67 percent. In general, the greater your compatibility, the more music on the list you will enjoy. Lower scores, on the other hand, provide more options for discovering new music that you might enjoy.

Another cool Blend feature is that once the playlist is created, it updates daily based on what the two users stream. In this sense, the Blend list is dynamic, continually changing over time. This aspect should theoretically keep the list from becoming stale.

Creating a Blend is easy but is not as straightforward as Spotify makes it out to be. The press release states, “Tap ‘Create Blend’ in the Made for You hub on mobile.” I could not even find the “Made for You” hub on the iOS Spotify app, let alone “Create Blend.” However, if you encounter the same problem, tap search and enter “blend.” You will see it in the results listed as a genre (above).

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Once you tap it, the Create Blend option appears for you to select. Next, tap invite, and you will get options to send a link via text message or other means to your friend. Once your partner clicks the invite link, Spotify will create a Blend list in both of your libraries.


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