Spain vetoes selling of handcuffs to Israel Police

The reason for the veto is that Spain fears the handcuffs will be used in a way that will “violate human rights.”

Handcuffs [Illustrative] (photo credit: INIMAGE)

Handcuffs [Illustrative]

(photo credit: INIMAGE)

The Spanish government vetoed the selling of 2,000 handcuffs to the Israel Police, valued at 17,000 Euros, fearing they will be used in “violation of human rights,” according to the Spanish El País.

Aside from the handcuffs, two more deals with private Israeli companies were vetoed as well. The first was the selling of 550 units of inertial measurement systems for unmanned vehicles, valued at 95,550 Euros, for fear that it will have military use.The third transaction was the selling of computer security equipment valued at 10 million Euros over doubts about its uses.Spain reviews each and every transaction made with Israel and decides whether to approve or veto it.In 2019, Spain exported 2.1 million Euros worth of military material to Israel, including night vision equipment, firing aids and ammunition clips.

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