Spain is looking into Apple and Amazon for anti-competitive behaviour.

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The CNMC’s conclusions may limit the firms’ ability to sell their products in Spain.

Another month, another probe exposing Big Tech’s anti-competitive behaviour. This time, both Apple and Amazon are being scrutinised in Spain, where the country’s competition commision is investigating both businesses’ online sales of consumer products.

The Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC) in Spain is believed to be examining Apple and Amazon over the online selling of consumer electronics, though specifics are unclear thus far. The CNMC stated in a statement that it has launched an investigation into suspected illegal activity and that its results might have repercussions for Amazon’s website and the sale of Apple devices in Spain.

The CNMC says that restrictions “would affect the retail sale of Apple products by third parties and the advertising of competing Apple products, leading to a reduced competition in the Internet retail market for electronic products.”

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With a total investigation duration of up to 18 months, it may be some time before we learn what the CNMC’s conclusions are – and if they deliver a blow to either tech titan.

Over in the United States, politicians are going on Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook in a series of antitrust bills that may alter the digital sector as we know it.



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