Slack and Amazon partner to take on Microsoft Teams and Zoom

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Multi-year agreement will see Amazon roll out Slack to all of its AWS employees

The big picture: With teleconferencing apps witnessing unprecedented growth in these unprecedented times, the competition to grab a piece of the enterprise pie has grown fierce. Microsoft Teams and Zoom have had user bases skyrocket in the recent months and now Slack, which doesn’t want to be left behind, is partnering with Amazon to leverage its vast array of AWS services and bolster its presence in the enterprise workspace.

Slack and Amazon have struck a multi-year agreement, where the latter will adopt Slack for in-house communication for its AWS teams and will provide additional services to Slack for expanding its footprint in the enterprise workspace. Once Amazon’s rollout to its employees is complete, the company could potentially overtake IBM to become Slack’s biggest customer.

The e-commerce giant is already Slack’s preferred cloud service provider and the business tool will now benefit from its storage, compute, database, security, analytics, and machine learning capabilities. The partnership will see Slack utilize Amazon Chime for powering its voice, video, and screen-sharing features.

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Amazon has also integrated its Key Management Service with Slack’s in order to attract regulated and security-conscious customers for distribution and control of cryptographic keys. Additionally, the communication tool will now offer improved team collaboration thanks to AWS Chatbot integration and will support secure bi-directional data transfer with AWS through Amazon AppFlow.

With Amazon’s back-end support, Slack may just get the boost it needs to compete against Microsoft Teams, with whom it has a complicated rivalry, and Zoom, which uses multiple cloud providers and recently partnered with Oracle for additional cloud infrastructure.

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