Six imported and historical cases are in controlled isolation, according to the latest Covid-19 update.

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Today, three recent cases of Covid-19 and three historical cases have been identified in New Zealand’s controlled isolation facilities, with no new cases in the population.

The Ministry of Health said in a statement that the individual who was transferred to a controlled isolation facility in Christchurch yesterday after being confirmed by Australian health authorities as a contact of one of two Covid-19 cases in Sydney had tested negative for the coronavirus.

According to the Ministry of Health, the danger to New Zealand from New South Wales is still “low” It mentioned that health authorities have contacted and advised 5477 people who have arrived in New Zealand from NSW since last Friday.

Yesterday, one new case of controlled isolation was identified.

Today, there are 25 active cases in New Zealand, with a total of 2284 confirmed cases.

According to the Ministry, all three historical cases recorded today arrived in a travel bubble on 5 May and travelled from the Philippines to Singapore via Singapore.

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The remaining three new imported cases came from Guatemala, the Maldives, and France.

The Ministry also stated that it had been notified by Vodafone of a nationwide blackout impacting digital services at certain Covid-19 vaccination centres throughout the region.

“This means people queueing are having to fill out forms manually which is adding some time to the process.

“We wish to thank those currently at the vaccination centre for their patience as Vodafone works through this issue.”


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