Samsung heir Jay Y. Lee was sentenced to two and a half years in jail for extortion and misappropriation.

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Samsung’s vice president and successor to the multinational phone brand, Lee Jae-yong, goes to jail after being sentenced by the Seoul High Court in South Korea to two and a half years behind bars after finding him guilty of misappropriation and bribery.

Since the decision, he was taken into jail, and his incarceration puts the future of the organisation at risk.

According to news, Lee, also known as Jay Y. Lee, was trapped in a huge scandal of influence that took down former South Korean President Park Geun-presidency, hye’s resulting in Park being jailed for up to two decades.

Back in 2017, Lee was found guilty of bribery and other corruption charges in and sentenced to five years in prison at the time, but walked free after less than a year when an appeals court threw out some of the charges and suspended his sentence.


Lee’s return to prison comes at a critical time for Samsung. His father Lee Kun-hee, the company’s chairman, died last year after suffering a heart attack in 2014 .

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Samsung has declined to comment about the sentencing, instead referring to a statement from Lee’s attorneys.

“This case is, in essence, a violation of corporation’s rights to freedom and property by the former president abusing her power,” said Injae Lee, the lawyer leading the vice chairman’s defense team.

“I find the court’s decision regrettable.”

Lee’s legal troubles aren’t over as he faces a separate trial over a controversial 2015 merger that helped him tighten control over the company.


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