Rugby to have overhaul to reduce Covid-19 transmission

World Rugby’s medical group is proposing an overhaul of the game’s laws to reduce the transmission risk of Covid-19.

Blues scrum in action against the Lions during the Super Rugby match 2020.


There’ll be a ban on reset scrums and upright tackling, team huddles and spitting, according to a report in the UK Telegraph.

The report says players would also be required to change their kit and headgear at halftime in a bid to reduce the transmission risk of Covid-19.

The medical group is also recommending players wash their hands and face with soap for 20 seconds before a match, at halftime and following the game.

The Telegraph says the report also recommends balls should be changed and cleaned frequently during matches.

The paper says recommendations will be put before World Rugby’s executive committee, which is expected to meet in the next 48 hours and will then publish temporary law guidelines.

Those will then be adopted by individual nations depending on the country’s rate of Covid-19.

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