Riots erupt on Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day.

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As police entered Temple Mount to disperse rioters, they were greeted with stone-throwing.

On Jerusalem Day 2021, rioters clash with police on the Temple Mount. (Photo courtesy of Israel Police Spokesman)

According to Ynet, rioters clashed with police and security forces on Temple Mount.

Rioters hurled stones at security forces stationed on Temple Mount and in the Gethsemane sector, prompting the use of stun grenades in response.

No casualties have currently been reported and no damage has been done.

Israel Police issued a statement regarding the events, reporting that Chief of Police Kobi Shabtai had arrived at the scene and had “ordered the security forces stationed at the site to repel the rioters, using demonstration dispersal methods.”

They followed this up with a longer statement, saying that “police forces and the border police are currently working to eradicate the violence on the Temple Mount, along with increased activity in other areas of the Old City.”

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“Prayer services are currently being held at the Western Wall plaza and the police will not allow extremists to harm the public’s safety and security,” the statement concluded.

According the Arab media over 200 people have been injured throughout the morning, and the Red Crescent reported that over 50 people have been taken to hospital for treatment.


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