Retailers reveal a likely Nintendo Switch Pro MSRP and an impending pre-order launch.

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We’re presumably dealing with placeholders, judging by the absurdly high pricing and ambiguous dates.

We’ve heard a lot of speculations regarding a Nintendo Switch update that everyone is calling the Switch Pro since there isn’t anything else to name it. Other than some speculative hardware estimations and forecasts of a release date, there has been no definite information about it.

Boulanger, a French electronics shop, inadvertently displayed a product page for the suspected next generation Nintendo Switch. According to a page image, Nintendo is naming it the Switch Pro rather than the “Super Switch.” It also has an MSRP of 399 euros, which is around $484 USD. This pricing appears to be problematic, as it places the new Switch on level with the PS5 digital and far higher than the XBSS.

The retailer’s internal inventory screen is seen in a second screenshot. It displays “valid until” dates of December 31, 2039, which are obviously fictitious. On either screen, there is no indication of release or pre-order dates.

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However, Centro Leaks stated earlier this week that it has “verified” pictures from an unknown store showing pre-orders beginning on June 4 and ending on June 30. The June 4 date (today) is plainly invalid unless Nintendo makes a surprise announcement before the day is out. The other date, June 30, appears to be a placeholder.


In terms of placeholders, merchants frequently construct product pages on their websites with erroneous information that serves as a substitute for unknowns. These sites occasionally go live by accident. So consider this “leak” to be a hearsay. Until Nintendo provides further information, everything, including the name and pricing, might be each retailer’s best estimate.

However, when we start seeing these kind of websites, it typically means a new release is on the way. Insiders had stated that components will begin shipping to assembly lines this summer, with a possible release date as early as this autumn. As a result, pre-orders may be available soon.

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