Razer introduces the Kaira gaming headset range for the PlayStation 5.

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Razer launches new Kaira line of gaming headsets for the PlayStation 5

A charging station for the DualSense controller is also included.

There are definitely enough PS5s on the market now for Razer to start releasing new PS5 accessories. The Kaira X, a wired controller for both last-gen consoles, was previously sold by the business (Xbox and PS). Razer’s first wireless gaming headsets for the PlayStation 5 are the $99.99 Kaira and $199.99 Kaira Pro.

With the accompanying USB-C dongle, Razer’s new Kaira and Kaira Pro both offer Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless networking. The Pro model, on the other hand, comes with more advanced features, but at a higher cost.

First appearing on the Kraken V3 Pro, the Kaira Pro is Razer’s second gaming headset to feature HyperSense haptics. Alongside Sony’s haptic triggers on the DualSense and its 3D audio, this tech brings added aural immersion by vibrating the headset as you play (imagine headshots).

The $200 Pro model uses 50mm Titanium drivers covered in memory foam ear cushions. It has a detachable HyperClear supercardioid mic that plugs in the 3.5mm audio jack when the headset isn’t connected in wired mode. There’s also support for Chroma RGB lighting, which users can customize via Razer’s mobile app.

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The regular $100 Kaira drops the HyperSense tech but uses the same 50mm drivers and memory foam on the cups. It also has a fixed mic that is not as good at reducing background noise, as it uses a cardioid mic instead of a supercardioid unit. The standard Kaira also lacks metal accents on the headband.

Razer claims 30 hours of battery life for this model, while the Kaira Pro is rated for 20 hours with Chroma RGB and haptics turned on and up to 50 hours with the features disabled. In addition to the PS5, both headsets are compatible with PC and mobile.

Lastly, Razer has the $30 Quick Charge stand for the DualSense controller that comes in three matching colors. The charger and the Kaira headset are available for purchase right now, while pre-orders for the Pro model begin at the end of this November.


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