Ranking the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic, country by country


Nearly every nation on earth is struggling to reopen its economy safely while continuing to battle the coronavirus. But some are doing better than others.

We’ve mapped the performance of 30 leading countries by plotting their health and economic outcomes and grouping them based on whether they have instituted light, moderate or severe restrictions on commerce and social interactions.

The coronavirus pandemic has spread across countries at different times, and each has responded differently depending on their health and political systems, as well as their economies. Despite some bright spots, nearly every country presents a mixed picture.

How the Ranking was dine:

Matrix placements are based on a mix of official statistics and policies, and reportings. We took into account International Montetary Fund (IMF) 2020 projections, the Atlantic Council’s fiscal tracker and official government figures to evaluate economic outcomes, including the benchmarks of GDP, unemployment and fiscal stimulus packages.

We considered both the absolute numbers and how much the situation worsened in 2020. For health outcomes we considered testing, infection and death statistics provided by health ministries and government authorities and graphed by Worldometer and Johns Hopkins University. Our ratings factored in verified or likely blind spots in the data based on reputable reporting.

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