Rangers allow foreign players to return home

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AFP / MIGUEL RIOPA Rangers’ foreign players like Colombian striker Alfredo Morelos (left) have been allowed to return home
Scottish giants Rangers have allowed their foreign players to return home while the football calendar is suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Manager Steven Gerrard, who will also split his time between Glasgow and home in Liverpool, believes his foreign contingent are best to spend the shutdown nearer their loved ones if they can travel, with restrictions on border crossings across the world.

Football in Scotland has been indefinitely suspended to help halt the spread of the coronavirus.
“Players from out-with the UK have been allowed to return home but are on strict programming including diet recording,” Rangers said in a statement.
“Some players have decided not to return home and have remained in Glasgow.
“The club’s management are in daily dialogue with each player and are monitoring the ongoing situation regarding the virus.
“The manager will continue to balance his time between Glasgow and home during this period of uncertainty.”
Sonia O’Neill from Rangers women’s team has already flown home to Canada.
“A huge thank you to the staff of @RangersWFC for getting me on the next flight home,” O’Neill posted on Twitter.
“Extremely thankful to be home, it’s crazy to see how many people are stuck overseas but I hope to be back in Glasgow soon and this all passes over.”

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