Price change alerts, quick password changes, and a ‘efficiency mode’ are all coming to Microsoft Edge.

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Microsoft Edge is getting price change alerts, easy password changes, and an 'efficiency mode'

It’s just in time for the holidays.

Microsoft’s Edge browser is already an appealing alternative to Google Chrome and Firefox, but it’s about to get much better thanks to a few significant updates, one of which could come in handy during the holiday shopping season. Price change alerts, a “efficiency mode,” and a tool to help you quickly replace your hacked passwords are among the new features.

Each of these features would be wonderful additions to the Edge experience on their own, but together, they make for quite a meaty package. First, efficiency mode — there’s nothing terribly complex here. If you’re using Edge on a laptop that’s running low on energy, the browser will re-calibrate its RAM and CPU consumption to help you get most out of your battery. In Edge’s “System and Performance” Settings menu, above the “Sleeping tabs” option, you can toggle this feature on or off.

Easy update is the next item on Microsoft’s Edge upgrade list; an unassuming term for a really useful feature. If any of the passwords Edge has saved for you are hacked or released as a result of a third-party data breach (a common occurrence these days), the browser will try to lead you to the website’s “Change Password” page.

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If that step works, Edge will show you a popup that, when clicked, will auto-fill both the Current and New password fields for you. Only a “limited number” of sites are supported by easy update for now, but Microsoft says it will expand the list over the coming months.

The final notable change coming to Edge is an enhanced price tracker. Currently, Edge is able to show you the price history for products when you’re shopping on compatible websites, but soon, it will also be able to alert you in real-time of any price changes.

Many browser extensions already offer this functionality, but typically, they require you to actually be on the appropriate store page before they will display alerts. With Edge’s implementation, you’ll receive price adjustment notifications for recently-viewed items no matter what website you’re on. You’ll find them by clicking a dedicated blue price tag button to the right of the browser address bar. This feature isn’t available yet, but Microsoft says it’s “coming soon.”


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