Portable Air Compressors Market to Cross by Massive $8 Bn by 2026

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portable-air-compressors- kogonuso.com

Portable-Air-Compressors- kogonuso.com

Due to the emergence of the latest technology, more and more industries are installing energy-saving and space-friendly solutions to attain better results.


The air compressor is an equipment that is readily used in many industrial sectors these days. The basic purpose of these compressors is to generate kinetic energy, which can be used for different applications.


Today, there are many air compressor manufacturers, such as sollant.com, etc., who offer different types of air compressors to the industrial users. Each type comes with its unique configuration and specifications.


What are Air Compressors?


An air compressor is a machine that converts power into potential energy stored in compressed air. The two major types of air compressors include stationary and portable air compressors.


While Stationary air compressors are more powerful, they’re very expensive. Also, they occupy lots of space. Portable air compressors, on the other hand, are handy and more user-friendly. They’re mainly used in construction sites where they supply compressed air to tools and equipment.


Portable air compressors, on the other hand, are handy and more user-friendly. They’re mainly used in construction sites where they supply compressed air to tools and equipment.


Users of Portable Air Compressors


Portable air compressors are used to supply compressed air to construction sites or applications where a stationary compressor isn’t suitable.  Many industries also use them as a backup option that they can use in case of emergency.


As these compressors are driven by diesel engines, they don’t need electricity.


Benefits of Portable Air Compressors


Strong and Reliable

Portable air compressors are designed using state-of-the-art art compression technology. They’re strong and durable. This is one of the biggest reasons why this type of compressor is the most suitable choice for industries where high-quality air filtration is the must.


Portable and Handy


As their name suggests, portable air compressors are compact and handy. They are suitable for factories that do not have large production areas.


You can use these compressors for a variety of different purposes. Since they’re handy and lightweight, you can easily move them from one place to the other without any difficulty.


These compressors are also less complex than other options. Stationary air compressors, on the other hand, are placed and fixed at one spot, and you cannot move them if need be.


Less Noise


Another benefit of using portable air compressors is that they produce less noise than stationary air compressors. Because of this benefit, you can also use these compressors in indoor industrial applications.


Driven By Diesel Engines


Portable air compressors are driven by diesel engines. Diesel engines are extremely powerful and can run for multiple days without any difficulty.


User-Friendly Control System


Unlike stationary compressors that are difficult to use, portable air compressors come with user-friendly control systems. Most of the time, there is only a start/stop or load/unload button.


Since the control system is all pneumatic and includes minimal electronics, industries with no prior experience dealing with air compressors can also use them without much hassle.


Availability of Options


Portable air compressors are available in a wide range of designs, sizes, and features. No matter what your air flow/air pressure needs are, you can easily find the portable compressor fit for your needs.


Portable Air Compressors Market to Cross by Massive $8 Bn by 2026


Oil-free portable air compressors have particularly become popular in recent years. According to research, the portable air compressor market was valued at 6.2bn back in 2019 and is expected to cross $8bn by 2026, showcasing a colossal growth rate of 4.3% over 2020-2026.


The global portable air compressor market is expected to observe this growth and expansion because of the introduction of portable and more advanced air compressors that can provide better performance and durability.


As more and more industries are engaging with the production of home appliances, and other petroleum products, they need portable air compressors to get things done in an effective and timely manner.


In addition, the beneficial portable air compressor characteristics such as low noise, versatility, and smaller size are likely to further push its demand in the global market. That is because of the fact that these features enable portable compressors to cater to the needs of different applications across the industrial and manufacturing sector.


Portable reciprocating compressors are also projected to observe moderate growth in the coming years. Developing economies are particularly interested in reciprocating compressors as they come with low initial costs. Also, in terms of performance, they’re far better than other available alternatives.


As far as lubrication is concerned, the extensive applications of portable compressors in healthcare, electronics, and food and beverage industries are expected to increase segment sales over time.


As these compressors are oil-free, they can be used to clean the semiconductors and ICs in companies that manufacture high-precision electronic items.


Depending upon applications, these light-weight compressors in the electronics industry are slated to support market expansion. In fact, the portable air compressor market in these particular areas is projected to grow at a massive 3.9% over the monitoring period.


Latin America’s portable air compressor industry reported a market valuation of $865 million in 2019. Apart from that, the portable air compressor industry is observing tremendous demand in the healthcare sector.


All in all, the portable air compressor industry is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years.  These compressors are portable, handy, and above all, equally functional and productive as stationary compressors.

Original source: Kogonuso.com

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