Porsche stolen from dealer’s yard minutes after delivery from UK

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An Auckland car dealer is sounding the alarm after a newly-arrived Porsche was stolen from its front yard during the day.

Just Prestige in Eden Terrace lost the $110,000 Cayenne about 1pm on Monday. A staff member checked the car, which had just been delivered from Customs, and went back to the showroom to do registration work.

A spokesperson for the company, who didn’t want to be named, said the car was gone when the staff member returned to the yard a minute or two later.

They said CCTV footage showed that a man in a white shirt and black cap came into the yard and drove the car away.

“The staff thought they would be straight back so they left the key in the car,” they said.

CCTV footage also showed the man was lurking around before stealing the car and the car he drove over to the site turned out to be a stolen car when staff members checked the number plate online.

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The spokesperson said the man came with another person, who then drove the car they came with away.

“We’ve been here for more than 10 years and this was the first time this has happened and it was in broad daylight. It’s outrageous… We want to remind businesses to pay more attention to security,” they said.

Journalists inspect a second generation Cayenne Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) car, at its launch in New Delhi, 11 April 2007.

A new Porsche Cayenne on display at a car show in New Delhi, India. Photo: AFP

The spokesperson said they reported the matter to the police immediately but haven’t received any update yet.

“We hope the police can act faster and help us find the car as we’re struggling in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic. I hope they can support us,” the spokesperson said.

“We have insurance but it’s a long and complicated process to import a car, which takes two to three months so we’d rather have it back.”

The stolen Cayenne carries a distinctive yellow plate at the back and a white one at the front as it has just arrived from the UK. The spokesperson said as the registration process had not been completed, it could not get a local number plate yet so could not go on the roads legally.

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The company is appealing for any information and is providing a reward for any useful leads.

Police said they had received a report of the theft and would be looking into the matter.


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