Pope Francis gives the Vatican’s first speech following intestinal surgery.

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On Sunday, Pope Francis emerged at the window of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican, two weeks after undergoing intestinal surgery.

The 84-year-old addressed the crowd in Saint Peter’s Square for the first time since the surgery.

In his address, Francis said that to truly rest we must “return to the heart of things,” noting that Jesus lived his life in service of others but would daily “withdraw in prayer, in silence, in intimacy with the Father.”

“His tender invitation — rest a while — should accompany us,” he said.

The pope added that during the summer we should “learn how to take a break.”

“Turn off the mobile phone to gaze into the eyes of others, cultivate silence, contemplate nature, regenerate ourselves in dialogue with God,” he said.

Last Sunday, Francis spoke from the balcony of Rome’s Gemelli University Hospital, where he was recovering after colon diverticulitis surgery.

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He conveyed his “appreciation and my encouragement to the doctors and all healthcare workers and hospital staff.”

Francis was released from Gemelli Hospital on Wednesday and returned to the Vatican.



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