Pentagon: The United States launched airstrikes against the Taliban in support of Afghan forces.

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According to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, the US has conducted airstrikes against the Taliban in support of Afghan forces.

During a press briefing, Kirby said that the United States has “acted through airstrikes to support the ANDSF” but did not provide further details aside from stating the strikes took place “in the last several days.”

The announcement comes as the Taliban claims to have captured key locations in Afghanistan, including the strategically important Chaman-Spin Boldak border crossing with Pakistan, as US troops withdraw from the region.

The United States began its withdrawal from Afghanistan in early May, with approximately 95 percent of troops withdrawn and a deadline of Aug. 31, raising concerns that the absence will allow the Taliban to gain territory.

On Wednesday, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, said the Taliban had taken control of roughly half of Afghanistan’s 420 districts but that none of the country’s 34 provincial capitals had been taken.

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“There clearly is a narrative out there that the Taliban are winning,” he said. “In fact, they are propagating an inevitable victory on their behalf, they’re dominating a lot of the airwaves.”

In announcing the revised goal of completing the withdrawal by next month, Biden stated that he believes in “the capacity of the Afghan military” and does not believe a Taliban takeover is unavoidable.

“It’s up to the Afghans to make decisions about the future of their country,” he said.


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