Owners of a store return a $1 million lottery ticket to a buyer who tossed it away.

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A $1 million winning lottery ticket was returned to a buyer who believed it was a losing ticket and begged for it to be thrown away by the owners of a Massachusetts shop.

Lea Rose Fiega, of Springfield, claimed a $1 million prize from the Massachusetts State Lottery, but she nearly missed out on the jackpot after confusing her Diamond Millions scratch-off ticket for a losing one.

Abhi Shah, whose family owns the Lucky Stop store in Southwick, said Fiega scratched the ticket off while still inside the store and handed it back to Shah’s mother, asking her to throw it away.

The ticket was put on a stack behind the counter for 10 days until Shah agreed to search the pile of allegedly lost tickets.

Shah said that he discovered the ticket hadn’t been entirely scratched off, so he completed it to find the $1 million reward.

Shah met with his relatives, and they decided that the ticket should be returned to Fiega, a loyal customer and family friend.

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“As soon as she came in, I hand her $1 million ticket and she freaked out and cried like a baby,” Shah’s father, Maunish, told WWLP-TV. “She sat down on the floor right here.”


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