Over the North Sea, US B-2 Spirit bombers and Norwegian F-35s collaborate.

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The United States Air Force’s B-2 Spirit bombers completed a training mission over the North Sea with Norway to improve 5th generation aircraft data-sharing capabilities, the military announced on Thursday.

Part of the Bomber Task Force, the mission concluded on Thursday and included B-2 Spirit bombers from Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo. that are currently based out of Keflavik Air Base in Iceland, the U.S. Air Force said in a statement.

The operation was meant to combine Norwegian F-35 Lightning II fighter jets in order to evaluate escort procedures, stand-off weapon use, and air defence suppression.

“The operation highlights the value of our sustained presence and relationships,” said Gen. Jeff Harrigian, commander of the United States Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa, in a press release.

“What our collective Airmen do on these missions is critical to our alliance’s agility as we move forwards,” Harrigian added.

In March, the two countries concluded a similar exercise near the Arctic Circle that involved a U.S. B-2 bomber, also from the Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., and four F-35s from the Royal Norwegian Air Force.


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