‘One Piece’ Chapter 1016: Sanji and Zoro may face the Queen and King

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As the narrative progresses, several hypotheses and assumptions are emerging concerning One Piece Chapter 1016.

Yamato is set to confront her father, Kaido, after saving Luffy. However, the most anticipated events in One Piece Chapter 1016 may not occur and will be replaced by other conflicts.

The Series’ Other Battles

According to BlockToro, the new chapter may continue where the previous installment left off.

Chopper found it hard to defeat Queen while Perospero was shooting arrows at his back.

Fortunately, Sanji came, assisted Chopper, and confronted the two adversaries.

He threw Queen on Perospero and easily dispatched both of them. He then handed Zoro over to Chopper, and One Piece Chapter 1016 will show whether or not he was successful in healing him.

Sanji has repeatedly demonstrated that each Straw Hat Pirate has their own unique talent and talent. As a result, they may switch between roles and foes to combat whenever necessary.

Fans should expect a massive clash between Sanji and Queen when the manga returns. If Zoro ever recovers, he may have to fight King as well.

Luffy, Zeus’ Return

As everyone is waiting for Luffy’s return, IBTimes noted it might not happen yet in One Piece Chapter 1016.

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After his struggle with Kaido, the commander of the Straw Hat Pirates is still severely damaged. Readers may, however, get an update on Luffy in the upcoming instalment.

In other news, One Piece Chapter 1015 hinted to Zeus’s reappearance as his soul seemed to unite with Nami’s Clima-Tact.

She may face more foes in Chapter 1016 now that she possesses a more formidable weapon.

Of course, the long-awaited battle between Kaido and Yamato may eventually take place. Previously, Oden’s biggest admirer informed his father that she had come to shatter the ties that bound them.

A war between the two may commence from here.

Chapter 1015 Recap

Chapter 1015 began with Luffy slowly drowning in the sea. Fortunately, the Heart Pirates found him before he met his demise, per Game n Guides.

Momonosuke then declared that Luffy was not yet dead and that he would triumphantly return.

This statement boosted the morale of their teammates, who continued to beat off the enemy.

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The last chapter ended on a massive cliffhanger, with Yamato challenging her father to a great battle.

Would Kaido confront her kid in a brawl if she still insisted that her daughter recognise him as her father?

Is it possible for Yamato to overcome Kaido? On Sunday, June 13, One Piece Chapter 1016 will be released.



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