On YouTube, there’s a $456,000 prise for this $3.5 million non-lethal reproduction of Squid Game.

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Have you ever pondered how someone might fair in a real-life Squid Game, minus the continuous deaths? MrBeast, a YouTube sensation, paid $3.5 million to recreate the successful Korean show, which contains the majority of the games, 456 contestants, and a $456,000 reward.

MrBeast’s 76.6 million subscribers make his channel one of the most popular on YouTube. He’s known for creating competitions in which people can win huge sums of money, including half a million dollars for Last to leave the circle and Extreme tag, as well as Last To Leave $800,000 Island Keeps It. As such, Squid Game is the perfect recreation opportunity, just without anyone getting murdered.

The famous Red Light, Green Light first game sees players fitted with devices that pop whenever they move, a non-lethal simulation of being taken out by snipers.

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It’s entertaining to see the honeycomb game and how the licking technique that protagonist Seong Gi-hun used in the show really works. Tug-of-war, meanwhile, involves teams falling into foam rather than to their death, and the marbles game sees best friends competing against other, many choosing to play the ‘odd or even’ game.

While the uniforms, glass ball full of money, and so many other elements are perfectly recreated, the final titular Squid Game has been replaced with Musical Chairs, simply because most people still don’t know exactly how to play the former, and it would likely end up being a pretty violent affair.

Some have noted the slight irony of $3.5 million being spent on a YouTube video recreating a TV show that’s a scathing commentary on the nature of capitalism, but that’s a debate for another time.


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