Olivia and Liam are once again the most common girls’ and boys’ names on Social Security.

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According to the Social Security Administration’s annual release of top newborn names on Friday, parents in the United States called their children Olivia and Liam rather than any other names in 2020.

In fact, the top three boys’ names and the top three girls’ names remained the same from the year before, appearing to avoid the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

For the girls, Olivia was followed by Emma and Eva again in the top three while the boys Noah and Oliver followed Liam in the boys’ names.

“In fact, out of both Top 10 lists combined, only two names changed, with the traditional names Henry and Alexander edging out Mason and Ethan,” the Social Security Administration said in its statement. “The name Henry has been steadily rising in popularity, last appearing in the Top 10 over a century ago, in 1910.”

Charlotte, Sophia, Amelia, Isabella, Mia, Evelyn, and Harper are among the other top ten girls’ names. The boys’ other names are Elijah, William, James, Benjamin, Lucas, Henry, and Alexander.

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Social Security has published a list of the fastest rising names for both girls and boys. Avayah, Denisse, Jianna, Capri, and Rosalia are some common girls’ names. Boys’ names on the rise include Zyair, Jaxtyn, Jakobe, Kylo, and Aziel.



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