Nvidia is rumoured to be launching a new RTX 3060 with enhanced anti-mining capabilities.

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A new GPU could make a significant difference.

If you don’t succeed the first time, try again. Nvidia seems to be following the proverb’s advice by releasing a revised version of the RTX 3060 12GB, this time with a new GPU that limits its Ethereum mining performance.

With cryptocurrency prices continuing to climb, demand from miners is one of the reasons graphics cards are currently so pricey and difficult to come by. Nvidia hoped that by implementing a “unhackable” Ethereum mining limiter, the RTX 3060, which was released on February 25, 2021, would be more available than other cards.

To some extent, Team Green’s strategy succeeded, before the company launched a beta developer driver that accidentally omitted the hash rate limiter from most RTX 3060 cards. The driver was soon fired, but with copies still in circulation, it was too little, too late. Despite Nvidia previously claiming that the limiter was not “just a driver thing.”

It was anticipated that Nvidia would devise a method to disable this driver. According to a HKEPC Hardware article, it has: use a new GPU. According to the article, the GA106-300 in the RTX 3060 is being replaced by the newer GA106-302. The previous drivers, including the issue 470.05 developer engine, would be rendered ineffective as a result. It is also said to have additional methods to limit Ethereum mining.

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Since the new GPU is almost similar to the existing one, the RTX 3060’s gaming performance should remain unchanged. According to an unspecified Taiwanese maker, the transition has already occurred, and the newer versions of the card will be available in May.


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