Nollywood actor Gideon Okeke says state of origin be scrapped

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Gideon Okeke & mum


Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke has opined that for national peace to reign in Nigeria, the government should abolish ”state of origin”.

The talented actor said that having a state of origin celebrates tribal lines, borders, races and brings indifference amongst people.

He wrote; ”One Nigeria! One Nigeria !! But We’re not quite willing to let go of the coattails of TRIBALISM.

”Even AD commercials/Radio Jingles are culpable of passing subliminal messages that are nuanced in ways that make one wonder if there are : 3 Nigerias or 187 Others or Just 1 Nigeria.

”If You still regard your neighbour with these derrogatives: Omo-Ibo , Ofemmanu, Nyammiri…

”You might be RACIST. Or sold to BIGOTRY. There’s a thing or two to learn from a small country called RWANDA.

”Imagine a policeman stopping you for routine checks and he pops the question: ” What State are you from”…

”Oga !! What purpose does that question really serve?

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